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Are you trying to work on your "staying focused" game?

Staying focussed is not always the easiest thing to do. There are so many distractions ranging from the environment you are in to what technology you use. To me staying focused is a state of mind. Being able to drown out the noise and just tune into what is important at a given time. One of the biggest reasons I love cubing so much is that you are forced into this state of focus. When you take…

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Silent Cow Update: New website has landed

The new website is here.. Hopefully a much cleaner and less confusing experience this time round. Thanks to an awesome little things called SnipCart - we can even sell direct on the site with minimal integration issues.

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The Beautiful Solve

TL;DR There is a big difference between solving a cube and speed cubing. The aim here is to let you experience your body on autopilot. It has it's challenges When you first commit to acquiring the skills to solve a 3x3 cube — you constantly hit barriers that you need to overcome. Your brain is freaking out as you navigate and experience all sorts of new things. From finger movements, hand…

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