Learn the Magic!

by @Joshua_Cubed

A cube has become nearly as essential as a pack of playing cards to the modern magician and we believe learning a trick shouldn't have to completley empty your pockets!

Join Joshua in his short tutorials outlining the simple step by step system to baffle even the cleverest of cubers.....

Follow Joshua Cubed through a short step by step tutorial of how to perform our head spinning trick 'GYRO!' In this illusion the performer spins the cube between thumb and middle finger seemingly loosing track of an already random configuration before solving it in a matter of seconds.....and the best part: This can be done blindfolded! With only a few days practice the performer masters how to solve this cube from any position the cube may rest in - without needing to see any of the cube. This trick does NOT use a gimmick cube and can be applied to any standard 3x3 puzzle cube although our Silent Cow cubes work just great. Please note it is essential that you must be able to solve a cube in beginners method (i.e.understand basic notation) to learn this illusion.

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