Our Products

14.99Dual Cube Kit

This Training Kit includes:

  • 2 x Silent Cow Cubes
  • 1 x Set Achievement Stickers
  • 1 x Protective Box
  • 1 x Set Promo Stickers
9.99Single Cube Kit

This Training Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Silent Cow Cube
  • 1 x Set Achievement Stickers
  • 1 x Protective Box
  • 1 x Set Promo Stickers

What we can do for you

Speedcube training kits

We have 2 beginner speedcube training kits. Each training kit comes with a high quality Silent Cow Speedcube, a set of 5 achievement badges to track your progress, a protective eco friendly box and a set of cool stickers. Choose from our single cube or dual cube kits.

5 Level training program

Get ready for liftoff - register to get access to our comprehensive, skills focused training course. Our philosophy is to engage your muscle memory from the start of your cubing journey which means you will learn fast, improve fast and ultimately solve fast.

Register here for your free training course: https://silentcow.eu

Problem solving workshops

Kickstart your team with our Problem Solving workshop. Designed for the workplace and very complementary to Agile/SCRUM. We need 12 - 20 people

Each participant will receive a Silent Cow Single Cube Training kit worth £9.99.

Cube Club in a box

Want to start a Cube Club at your school or workplace? We got you covered. Unpack, register and you are off. We provide all the materials you will need to host or participate in a fun self organised workshop or ongoing Cube Club.