I have always walked a line between art and logic that naturally bought me an affinity with the cube. Co-founding the Silent Cow in 2018 was the time to collide my skills and show people their own potential doing something that I adore. 


In 2013 I completed training professionally as an actor at the Birmingham Royal Conservatoire for which I received a First class honours degree. In the following years I was involved in various productions and on several occasions stepping off the stage to venture into directing.

Before, after and during training however, I worked intermittently at west end theatres in London and for several periods of time lead a front of house team and even trained new ushers across our theatre group. Actors make excellent trainers, especially when we are so invested in the subject matter which is why I’m so proud of our problem solving workshops that we have put together. 

For some time now I have been working on illusions and art pieces that in some way include the cube - with instagram becoming the perfect method to showcase the fairly bizarre but engaging material I produce. I am known mostly to the cubing community as @joshua_cubed and am honoured that so many cube enthusiasts started their journey learning from me from our 5 level training videos.


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